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Technical Training


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Technical Training

The technical training component is about 20% of the apprenticeship and is typically met through block release training (full time at school) delivered by a ITA- approved training provider.

About 20% of the Apprenticeship Program is technical training.  Technical training consists of both theoretical and practical assessments. Apprentices must obtain a minimum score of 70% overall to be granted credit for a level of technical training.  The technical training requirement is met through block release training (full time at school) delivered by a ITA- approved training provider.  During this time Apprentices are released from their work for the duration of technical training.

Apprentices are required to attend three (3) levels of technical training, which consists of practical and written level examinations.

  • Year 1 is 6 weeks
  • Year 2 is 5 weeks
  • Year 3 is 5 weeks

Inter-Provincial Red Seal Examination is normally scheduled at the end of your Year 3 training.

JLATA Apprentices attend technical training at BC Hydro Trades Training Centre in Surrey, BC.  BC Hydro Link

The JLATA is responsible for organizing and scheduling all technical training.  Apprentices will be notified of school dates and receive student packages prior to scheduled school dates containing information regarding date, tuition, books, homework and financial support.

Apprentices are responsible for acquiring and paying for their own textbooks and tuitions. For details on methods of financial support for Apprentices while attending technical training click:

Financial Support

GRANTS AND TAX CREDITS POP UP:  You are eligible for federal grants and provincial tax credits of $1,000 or more when each level of technical training and the accompanying work-based training hours are successfully completed. In addition, a completion grant for $2,000 is available upon certification.

Apprentices are responsible for bring to school:

Bringing all assigned homework, manuals, tools, rain gear and safety equipment: Pop Up : Line Tools, Climbing Gear, Personal Protective Equipment





 Pop Up:  Remember to keep contact information up to date with the JLATA to ensure receipt of student packages on time.

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