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Work-based Training


Report Work-based Hours and Progress on the Job

Work-based Training

About 80% of the apprenticeship is completed through work-based training.  Apprentices will accumulate work-based hours with their employer under the direct supervision of a certified Power Line Technician.

About 80% of an Apprenticeship program is completed through on the job work-based training. One hour of work-based training is awarded for each hour worked on the job and must be completed under the direct supervision of a certified tradesperson or equivalent.

Apprentices are responsible for reporting their work-based hours and progress on the job through the submission of.

  1. Monthly Work Reports, and
  2. Quarterly Field Progress Assessments.

Apprentice Hours and Field Progress Assessments are entered into the JLATA Database and reviewed regularly by the JLATA Board to monitor Apprentice practical skill levels and ensure they are receiving work-based training that incorporates the full scope of the Apprenticeship Program.

The Apprenticeship Program requires that Apprentices advance through 7 term levels and complete 6,350 work-based hours, including key hours which must be met in the following categories:

Underground:100 hours
Live Line Single Phase:200 hoursPreferable, but not mandatory:
Live Line Three Phase:300 hoursTransmission:100 hours
Live Line Single & Three Phase400 hoursDistribution:1000 hours

The Apprentice will start at a Term 1 Status and progress through 7 Term levels, each lasting a minimum of 6 months, depending on whether they meet the work based hours required to advance to the next Term Level and if their Employer recommends them for term advancement.

Minimum Hours for Term Advancement
Term 2686 hours
Term 31372 hours
Term 42058 hours
Term 52744 hours
Term 63430 hours
Term 74116 hours
Top-out6350 hours

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