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Apprentice Responsibilities


Apprentice Responsibilities

Apprentices are in training and as such are required to complete work-based training, progress through term levels, technical training levels 1-3, Inter Provincial Red Seal Examination and other program requirements.

Apprentices Responsibilities:

  • Keeping a daily log book.
  • Monthly submissions to the JLATA office of Work Reports.
  • Quarterly submissions to the JLATA of Field Progress Assessments.
  • Attendance and passing grade in all technical training, as well as any other training required by your Employer.
  • Promptly ensuring that the JLATA and Local 258 of the IBEW are notified of any contact or employment changes such as (loss of driver’s license, injury, illness, requesting leave of absence, lay-offs or termination in employment).
  • To bring all assigned technical training (homework, manuals, log books, tools, rain gear and safety equipment to school).

See Guidelines: 

 Apprentices must be prepared to relocate and work in any location where they can complete their practical training.

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